FEMA Records Management Support

For a pilot project to help FEMA comply with pending regulatory requirements, LTR applied a holistic framework for records management. LTR assembled a project team to work with FEMA leadership to identify the decision-making and accountability strategies to facilitate the valuation, creation, storage and use, and ultimate disposition the organization’s information resources. For this effort and with a pending regulatory deadline, LTR was called upon by FEMA to provide technical support in the area of information management and system development to support Agency compliance with pending regulatory requirements across the federal government.

LTR has worked with a broad range of stakeholders across the Agency, as part of enterprise initiatives. In this sense, LTR could immediately support FEMA with a holistic framework for effective information governance. The LTR Team used their relationships and professional network to build and strengthen collaborative partnerships between organization stakeholders — mission-related business owners and administrators , privacy and FOIA stakeholders, GC and E-discovery professionals, information technology specialists,  and records managers.

From the beginning, LTR professionals worked with organization stakeholders to forge effective management and oversight strategies to build information management and governance programs that meet current Federal compliance requirements by providing a range of best practice approaches to accomplish two key goals:

  • Develop policy and management procedures that satisfy statutory and regulatory requirements and current OMB and NARA mandates
  • Develop the technology solutions, applications, and interfaces to enable the identification, collection, and management of organization information resources and records.

The scope of work for this effort, involved a broad understanding of records management environment across the Agency – at the enterprise and regional level, including:

  • o   Information mapping
  • o   Retention and disposition rules, roles, and accountability
  • o   Access and retrieval rules and compliance auditing
  • o   System implementation, monitoring, and support
  • o   Stakeholder-centric training

With a time-sensitive deadline, LTR convened resources in IT application development, enterprise integration, and records management. The Team included experienced project management professionals, certified records managers and administrators, and system developers and integrators, all with decades of collective practical experience and expertise.

LTR support eneabled FEMA to increase efficiency, information security, and cost-saving benefits on a pilot project that could be applied across the enterprise. Specifically, the system provided:

  • Compliance protection and support
  • Efficient, comprehensive information capture, management and disposition
  • Privacy, FOIA, and litigation risk mitigation
  • Protect and preserve corporate knowledge and memory

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